How To Replace or Repair a Logitech G500, G5, G500S USB Cable (Assemble / Disassemble)

This video demonstrates the process of replacing the USB cable for the Logitech G500 Mouse. Some YouTube users have also reported to me that this is also relevant to the G5 and G500S models as well. It displays the process of disassembling and re-assembling the mouse. I hope this helps you! Unfortunately, The video went much longer than I intended it to. However, I explained everything in depth.

Follow Up

1 year later, I haven’t had any problems with the mouse since the repair process in this video. The glue has also worked well for the bottom pads.

Material List

  • Replacement G500 USB Cable (available from most online retailers)
  • A micro-screwdriver set (also used as a pry tool: spudgers/pry kit preferred)
  • cotton swab (applicator)
  • all purpose glue (adhesive)
  • rubbing alcohol (for cleaning off human gunk)