How make the Antec Three Hundred (300) fit the AMD R9 Fury Nitro Graphics Card! Case mod!

I got up to a interesting project this Tuesday. I recieved the new video card I ordered. I recieved it sooner than I expected too! I only ordered Sunday night. Anyways, the card, which is SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 Fury 100379NTOC+SR 4GB, was too big for my Antec Three Hundred case! I was shocked. Nothing I’ve thrown at this full sized tower has been too big for it. I was faced with a couple options in light of this discovery. I could buy a new case, buy a smaller graphics card, or mod my current case. The only guide I saw online for doing this was from a guy who decided to remove his entire hard drive bay from the Antec Three Hundred by drilling through the rivets and prying the hard drive bay from the 5.25 optical drive bay. It was not a very elegant solution and I kind of liked having the hard drive bay available for some drives I’m using. Another suggestion was to pull the entire hard drive and optical bay out of the case by drilling all the rivets out. Still not a great solution…

Well, what I decided to do was to use a edge grider to cut out a couple inches from the hard drive bay. This was just enough room for the video card to fit very comfortably.

It fit great! I had to remove all the components first to make sure nothing would get cut or shorted by metal filings or pieces. There were plenty of them flying around with this method! However, I still have my hard drive bays and I now have plenty of space for my new graphics card! This is a pretty old case. I think I got it in 2010 but its been fantastic and has had everything I’ve needed up to now. It retails for cheap these days so I wasn’t really losing out too much by modding it. Thanks for looking!


UPDATE: I later become dissatisifed with the approach of this project and wanted something slightly more elegant. I didn’t like the random cut and the mess inside the case so I decided to remove the drive bay completely by simply drilling into the rivets with a small drill bit. It wasn’t too bad. For the rivets underneath the 5.25 drive bay, I cut them with a tin snip and just worked them until they gave way. Be gentle with the metal as the 5.25 could bend or get ruined if you are too aggressive with it.

This result let me comfortably fit two Zotac GTX 980 Ti Extreme editions in the case at once.