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Victoria's Challenge Black ice Skating unisex Leggings Pola Mail order Skate Pants

Victoria's Challenge Black ice Skating Leggings Skate Pants Pola


Victoria's Challenge Black ice Skating Leggings Skate Pants Pola

Product description

STYLE: VCSP17 Ice Figure Skating Pants By Victoria’s Challenge -USA.

-High Rise - Mid-Rise ( Mid Rise will fit right or tiny below your belly button )
-Fit tight
-Secured with Elastic Cuff
-Strong Elastic designed for workout and Athletic Wear

- Vary By Sizes

Available in 5 different kinds of Materials :
- (1) COZYWARM ( Warm ) - Polartec Power Stretch USA- Body-hugging fabric durable flat outer surface and soft napped velour inner surface for activities that demand freedom of movement, moisture management, and warmth.
-(2) COZYTHEMO ( Mid-Warm ) - Thermal Cotton feel Moisture Management.
-(3) COZYPRES - Soft Compression – Strong durable – Stretchy and Breathable.
-(4) HEAVYWEIGHT COMPRESSION – Heavyweight Compression Muscle Support – Strong durable – Stretchy and breathable.
-(5 ) N-PEEL THERMAL ( Mid-Warm ) - Anti Peeling – Wrinkle Free – Thermal Cotton Feel - HeavyWeight – Compression Tight Slim– Duration Stretchy and Moisture Management.

-Machine wash in cold water - Hang dry.

-30 Days Money back Guarantee



Victoria's Challenge Black ice Skating Leggings Skate Pants Pola

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