About Me

I’m a information technology professional with an interest in politics and social dynamics in regards to technology. I also like economics, animals, nature, computers, and programming.

I hold a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology Management. My Bachelor’s degree is a double major in Information Systems and Information Security. I also hold an Associated degree in Science that was focused in Biology and Pre-Med.

I started learning computers at before my teenage years. I was self-taught in the early nineties by experience and trial and error before broadband Internet access was common and prevalent. I mainly repaired computers, tried different operating systems and software, and learned how to build performance systems to run video-games for myself.

Gift Ideas

Some friends and family have commented that I’m hard to buy gifts for since I don’t really like to collect or store a lot of things. Here are some generalized gift ideas to help out if you are trying to prepare for a holiday or occasion.

Precious Metals

I like precious metals. Primarily gold and silver. In most foreign cultures, it’s customary and normal to exchange these types of gifts during important events. I really enjoy receiving these types of gifts and I find that they are lasting and useful. I don’t place much value on numismatics (special edition coins or coin collecting). So bullion and rounds are ideal and usually better value anyways.


Consumable gifts are really appreciated: I like teas, coffee, jerky, candy, chocolate, and other thoughtful things.


I don’t really like holiday cards (e.g. hallmark cards) because I don’t like to accumulate them. Typically they seem to be expensive and used once and discarded. I always feel wasteful and a bit guilty when I toss them out. A hand written note or short letter on stock is just as good to me.